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‘The whole experience was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never had any formal training in dance so on a personal level it was amazing to challenge myself. It has inspired me to get involved in more projects like this’ Dancer, ‘The Tempest’, 2016

Global Grooves support artists at every career-stage, providing opportunities to develop skills, ambition, and depth in their practice. Our shorts courses and master classes provide training for hundreds of students each year, whilst emerging and experienced artists also have access to international research and development trips, practice-sharing forums, national networks, and employment.

Creating Carnival 2016

Creating Carnival 2016

Previous international study trips completed by our core artist, participants and project delivery team include:

  • Future Leaders Study Visit Ukraine – Feb 2019
  • Creating Carnival Gambia – Feb 2018
  • Creating Carnival Nigeria – December 2018
  • Creating Carnival ‘Singapore’ – Feb 2017
  • R&D in Trinidad for emerging artists/project management team – Feb 2017
  • Musical training and social enterprise development in Gambia – 2016
  • Visiting artists from China for ‘Mossley Light Festival’ – 2016
  • Performances and partnership building at Coburg Samba Festival, Germany – 2015

  • Creating Carnival ‘Trinidad’ – 2014
  • Visiting artists from America ‘Future Leaders’ – 2014  
  • Creating Carnival ‘New Zealand’ & ‘Singapore’ & ‘Australia’ – 2014
  • Creating Carnival ‘New Zealand’ – 2013
  • R&D/youth social project research in Brazil – 2013
  • Visiting artists from Brazil for ‘Percussion, songs and dances of the Orixas’ – 2010
  • R&D for ‘Afoxé’ production, in Brazil – 2009
  • R&D/youth social project research in Brazil – 2007
  • R&D trip to Japan – 2005
  • Annual international relations visits to sponsor/partner in Brazil – 2004 to present

Several of these trips further developed into what became Global Grooves’ ‘Creating Carnival’ programme – a series of workshops, conferences, and practice sharing platforms to promote global connection and partnership working. These trips have included aspects from artistic development through to building new partnerships and enterprise overseas.

To find out more about the ‘Creating Carnival’ UK project, visit:  www.creatingcarnival.org

Closer to home, our work with artists has seen a huge growth in our extended artist team, inspiring independent international research trips for even our youngest emerging trainees via the Future Leaders project, right through to established artists exploring new directions in their delivery.

Global Grooves deliver annual training opportunities for participants centred around feedback from our student base alongside popular workshops formats including master class weekends, short courses over 6-8 weeks, residential training weekends, unConference events, and more.

During the development of our ‘Future Leaders’ programme, a number of high-profile industry specialists and experts have joined our extended artist team; this year’s delivery team saw the addition of Shaune Harrison (special make up effects artist) and Johnny Kalsi (founder of the Dhol Foundation and WOMAD ambassador) to our network.

To meet our Future Leaders delivery team, visit:    www.futureleaders.org.uk

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