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Brass & Horns. Join Our Carnival Family!

Brass & Horns. Join Our Carnival Family!

Terrific at Trumpet or Trombone? Super on the Sousaphone? Stupendous on the Sax? Join our Carnival family!

Global Grooves are looking for:

Sousaphone players
Trombone players
Sax players
Trumpet players
& everything in between

…to join the Global Grooves Bloco!

We’re looking to build a horns and brass mega-group to do some exciting gigs and work on some amazing new arrangements to accompany our Carnival Bloco.

We’re involved in some brilliant events & festivals and this year we would love to build a big core of well rehearsed, up-for-it players. Underpinning the melody are some monster grooves played on Brazilian style percussion, which sound incredible with horns and brass. Most of the gigs are outdoors and all over the UK and abroad, bringing joy and good vibes to large crowds.

This summer there are already paid gigs available, many more being booked throughout the year, and we’d like to build on the group ready for next year’s gigs.

Gigs coming up next: We’re looking for more horns and brass players for Bluedot Festival, Friday 19th & Saturday 21st July for daytime and night parades.

Interested? Please email [email protected] with a bit about yourself, what you play, and where you’re based and we’ll get back to you.

Check out our brass video and get involved:

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