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 “I am hugely impressed by the creativity , imagination, knowledge and skills of the team. It was great to see the level of public interest and involvement from all ages and backgrounds of the community we serve.” –  Secretary of state for communities

Our Tameside-based workspace at ‘The Vale’ offers access to a fully equipped Carnival fabrication studio space, as well as volunteering and trainee opportunities to nurture skills and encourage participants to explore their future prospects. Our desire to strengthen the UK Carnival sector has brought people together in both Northwest-focused projects and national training initiatives, and it has been a pleasure to help reinvigorate the local arts offer in the town where two of the senior leadership team grew up in the community arts scene themselves.

‘The Vale’ changes personality during each year, transforming into a Carnival making space between May and November, and taking on a life as a training and entertainment space between December and June. Our entertainment programme features cinema events (including a children’s cinema/education strand), live music events, open arts workshops, and weekly classes. Given the huge success of our ‘Crafty Brew’ PHT funded project, we are proud to announce that this small steering group of community participants have now taken the reigns of their own project in order to sustainably continue this work for themselves.

For more information about ‘The Vale’ and our what’s on’ guide, visit: www.the-vale.co.uk

Global Grooves has proven the impact of our cultural enterprise model in Tameside (an area of very low cultural engagement/infrastructure with no NPOs) by:

  • Establishing a thriving studio, cinema, and arts centre ‘The Vale’.
  • Encouraging local businesses to invest in culture.
  • Engaging local primary schools and high schools in new experiences and extra-curricular activities.

Over the next 5 years we will work with partners to extend our entrepreneurial approach into other disadvantaged areas.

Since being based in Tameside, we have seen enormous leaps for our organisation in terms of community engagement and partnership building. In November 2016, Global Grooves produced the first ever ‘Mossley Light Festival’, inviting the local community to develop, deliver, and enjoy a revived lantern parade tradition now featuring high-quality art, performance, and outreach experiences. This programme of work alone included:

  • Over 30 community open lantern making workshops
  • Outreach with 12 local primary schools and community venues
  • A pop-up art exhibition gallery in two local train stations
  • A 15-artist community workshop delivery team
  • 5 specialist artist commissions to create bespoke original work
  • 5 music-making short courses
  • A performance of Global Grooves’ “The Tempest” production
  • Visiting intentionally acclaimed artists artists from China
  • A finale night-time illuminated event engaging 40% of the town.

‘’People came out of their houses to watch, which was so lovely to see, particularly seeing older people who may be socially isolated and lonely”. Older participant, Mossley Light Festival, 2016.