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Drumming Workshops For Schools

Global Grooves offers a range of drumming workshop experiences across a variety of percussion that will have your pupils bobbing to beats from South Asia, Africa, The Caribbean and Brazil. Each culture offers something exciting and memorable from these rich and wonderful traditions and introduces your pupils to a wonderful menu of irresistible grooves, songs and moves.

Happy Class at Carnival Arts Lesson
African Drumming

With a selection of hand drums to explore, our African drumming workshop gives students to opportunity to experience the instant gratification of group music making, following the intricate call and response element of African percussion-driven music. This exciting, energising group workshop allows individuals to explore soloing and confidence building, as well as the chance for everyone to sit back and confidently groove along to dynamic, poly-rhythmic music.

Brazilian Drumming

This workshop really gets the class grooving with the street beats of Brazil. These African-inspired Brazilian instruments and rhythms bring the flavour of Carnival to any classroom, inspiring cultural question-and-answer dialogue to give a fuller picture of the social context of this amazingly powerful music. Authentic instruments of all shapes and sizes emerge to suit any student’s age, size, or ability. The infectious floor-tapping beats and breaks bring together the class in percussive unison and big finale rumble!

Cuban Drumming

Suitable for high school aged young musicians and drummers, the poly-rhythmic multi-instrumental music of Cuba will inspire and ignite the interest of any keen music student. Cuban street percussion music ramps up the level of challenge on the ear, and so tends to work best in smaller groups of 5-15 students to enable easier access to the more complex musical ideas and rhythm connections between the instruments. It is recommended for this workshop that students have a basic level of drumming or musical experience.

Indian Drumming

In this workshop, students gain a greater musical appreciation and understanding of Indian percussion music, whilst improving coordination and drumming skill. All participants have access to dhol drums to play on, giving them the really authentic sound and feel of playing the instrument. Our tutors regularly showcase innovative fusion music at Mela events around the UK, and bring a modern approach to Indian percussion to the classroom.

Steel Pan Drumming

With a selection of authentic instruments to play, students will enjoy the lilting sounds of the Caribbean as part of their own steel pan band. The tutor will guide the students through individual melodic rhythm parts, eventually bringing everyone together to create a polyrhythmic piece. This workshop works best in groups of 10-15 students at a time to allow the highest quality learning experience for your budding young musicians, as many of the parts involve playing a pair of pans simultaneously.

Bespoke / Combined

Featuring grooves from around the globe, this workshop caters for any bespoke themes or cultural aspects that a school may wish to incorporate to suit a special event or arts day. This workshop is also a great way to explore how to make best use of more ‘interesting’ sets of equipment where students have access to a mixed set of instruments at school for ongoing musical activities.

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