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Young People

“You have inspired me to move forward as an artist and do what I want to do.” –  Josh, 17yrs, Future Leaders 2016

Global Grooves was founded by three musicians who all grew up in community music projects, developing into switched-on cultural leaders who wanted to affect great positive change through the arts. This heartfelt passion for providing inspirational arts experiences and support underpins all of our work with young people, in every setting from a one-off school workshop day through to ongoing pastoral care and mentoring programmes.

Our work with young people falls within several key programmes:


‘Future Leaders’ apprentices (aged between 13 and 25) extend their practical skills in Carnival arts based music making (including percussion and drum kit), dance, or visual arts, as well as gain project management experience, guided by leading artists and professionals in their field. The programme includes residential weekend workshops, business and project development, and personal development opportunities to stimulate the imagination. All of this exciting content is cemented by distance mentoring from leading UK and international artists and practitioners, tutorials, and portfolio work.

By the end of their year together, we hope that all of our Future Leaders are in an improved position to deliver their own work, develop new ideas with other likeminded artists, and generally feel a greater sense of confidence and belief in their abilities to take their skills to the next level. We are proud to announce that since starting the programme in 2014, we have worked with over 90 young artists to develop their skills, and in just two years we have seen a huge leap in collaborations between groups, regions, and art forms. We are excited to follow their journeys over time, watch this space!

For more detailed information about the Future Leaders programme, visit our dedicated site. www.futureleaders.org.uk


The senior leadership team of Global Grooves were all lucky enough to have the opportunity to complete some of their work experience as teenagers within a community arts setting, attending workshops to shadow brilliant facilitators who in turn inspired our own team to pursue a career in the arts. We are delighted to offer this same opportunity for budding, artists, social activists and leaders who show that extra bit of potential and interest, enabling them to explore a more tailored work experience with expert advice on hand. Recent referring organisations for work experience have included Curious Minds, Mossley Hollins High School, BeatLife, and Jubacana.


Whilst many of our programme focus on courses and extended periods of work, we are equally excited to offer our one-off workshops and arts weeks packages to allow the youngest fresh minds the chance to try something new and learn about other cultures.

All of our packages celebrate both cultural diversity and our common roots. While the students have fun creating music, visuals and dance from African, South American and Indian cultures they develop teamwork, thinking skills, coordination and concentration. We all know that children learn best when they think they’re playing, our approach combines fun with education so everyone enjoys a Global Grooves adventure.

Our exciting and innovative sessions have cross-curriculum relevance and contribute to global citizenship education. Although they stand alone as rich musical experiences, all of our packages can be adapted to celebrate international days festivals and events.


The Vale Music Ensemble

We are excited to have a developing network of over 90 UK-based and international Future Leaders, having helped them to embrace their art form beyond what they thought was possible. Global Grooves offers ongoing commitment to the development of young individuals wishing to further themselves or their passions. Throughout the progression and development of this innovative programme, we hope to cultivate and grow relationships with  arts organisations, private businesses, councils, and arts leaders around the UK. Exploring partnership work and collaboration can only strengthen the excellent national work we are aware of, as well as enable us to further promote the work of those work we haven’t yet discovered.

Global Grooves regularly partner with other arts organisations to explore development routes and signposting opportunities for young people. Current partners include the University of West Indies (Trinidad), percussion project ‘BeatLife’ (Liverpool), and a host of local primary and secondary schools.