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Junk Jam Receives Big Lottery Support

Junk Jam Receives Big Lottery Support

Manchester voluntary group Cabasa Carnival Arts has been awarded £9,975 today to organise a carnival using ‘Junk’ and recycled materials to make instruments, costumes, and props for a community celebration.

Cabasa Carnival Arts is one of 43 groups in the North West sharing grants totalling £358,093 from the Big Lottery Fund’s small grants Awards For All programme.

Their Junk Jam project will use the Big Lottery funding to use recycled materials to make costumes and instruments for a carnival celebration. People from different sections of the community will come together at arts sessions and choose a theme which represents local issues which the carnival will use to promote community spirit. The funding will also go towards an artist, art and dance workshops, venue hire, studios and PA.

Leon Patel, musical director of Junk Jam, said: “Carnivals can appeal to a wide range of people from different generations, communities, and races. By bringing together people who normally don’t mix we can break down misunderstandings and preconceptions to enhance community spirit. People have different skills, whether it may be sewing or music technology, and they’ll be able to work together to put on a fun and colourful carnival.

“We’d love to hear from skilled volunteers specifically in welding, sculpture, electronics, mechanics, visual arts and project management. We will recycle the usual items such as bottles and crisp packets but we are also keen to use objects that are not often recycled, like electrical goods. We want to get really creative.”

Cabasa Carnival Arts will develop the costume element of the Junk Jam project and deliver the Tameside outreach phase of the programme. To learn more about Junk Jam click here.

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