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Meet the tutors

We’re very sorry to announce that due to the outbreak of Covid-19 all future Batukada Academy are postponed.

Thank you all very much for your thoughts on the situation about the Coronavirus. We have considered it all, and also following the government advice, we strongly believe that the best thing to do to protect us all and the people around us will be to cancel our sessions as from this Thursday 19/03 until further notice which we really hope to be soon.

Here at the Global Grooves HQ we are doing everything we can to get us going through this and keep our vibes as high as we can. While arts and events activity shuts down across the UK, we take time to help our communities recover, reflect and look after ourselves and loved ones with our creativity. The arts and music will be an important and healing intervention in all of our lives.

Please don’t let this take away your energy for playing or your believe in our Batukada.
We will do everything we possibly can to support you with your practice and drumming needs during this period.

Please get in touch with us at any time for whatever you need, we will get back to you as soon as. During what would be class time (Thursdays 19:00-22:00) we will make ourselves available for phone chats, video calls or whatever to give you guidance, send you videos, talk to you individually on what things you would like to improve more or anything you would want to work on. Please do get in touch via [email protected] if this is something you would like to do.

We will be sending some more practice material soon to our regular attendees.

Also here at Global Grooves we are planning (digitally)for a big Corona Digital Carnival, ….to be announced soon.

Fees – We totally understand that under these circumstances you decide to cancel or freeze your subscription. Please feel free to do so by logging into your account through HERE

We would like to thank everyone that have decided to carry on paying the subscription. This will help us a lot in many many ways as we may still have to carry on paying for the space to ensure we keep the slot. Really really appreciated.
We will keep you updated on this. Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Drumming 🤜

Love drumming? Love Samba? You’ll love Batukada Academy!

Global Grooves is now delivering weekly Samba percussion classes in Manchester city centre.

Led by internationally renowned percussionists Eraldo de Sa Marques and Luiz Fernando Domingos, Batukada Academy will help you to take your drumming skills and understanding of Samba to the next level.

With a focus on fun, swing, technique and arrangements this weekly class is suitable for all experience levels at any stage of your drumming journey.

Eraldo and Luiz ‘Mikiba’ will bring together their 30 years experience of playing and performing with championship Brazilian Samba Schools and share their infectious love for and commitment to all things Samba.

What will you learn?

We want to offer an opportunity for all to be able to explore their drumming skills, beat their Bateria instruments and understand the essence of Brazilian percussion, particularly Samba. The sessions will help you to become multi-instrumentalists and experienced ‘Sambistas’ with a deeper knowledge of the subject and improved musicianship.

The weekly classes will offer a fun, structured, progressive programme covering things like

Multi instrumental exploration; Learn the function, rhythms, character and phrases of all the instruments within the Bateria.

Sambistas tips and tricks: Without the foundations of technique and musicianship, many Brazilian percussion arrangements and instruments will be simply out of reach. These sessions will allow you to explore hands on technique, tips and tricks to help make you a better drummer and excel on your Samba journey.

Arrangements, breaks and swing; Explore the many forms of Samba and arrangements with a focus on understanding the form and function of pieces and different ‘swing’, feel, breaks and more.

Performance skills: Although this course is centered around building skills and not on developing a performance group, performing will be encouraged and outings and events organized throughout the year backed up with performance techniques and movement for the Bateria.

What’s the commitment?

The more you put in, the more you will get out! We know life is busy and understand it can be difficult to commit to weekly sessions and especially practicing!

But if you really want to improve your percussion skills and musicianship it’s the only way. We would encourage participants to attend as many sessions as possible and whenever possible practice! This could be on your steering wheel in a traffic jam, on a CD case watching TV, organizing a study group sessions with your Batukada Academy buddies or of course entertaining your neighbours while blasting your snare in your front room.


When? Every Thursday, 7pm – 10pm

7pm – 8pm – First time attenders and beginners

8pm – 10pm – Regular attendees

Where? Siam Audio Rehearsal Rooms, Wellington House, Pollard Street East, Manchester, M40 7FS

How Much?

Firs Class FREE –  Please send your name and date you would like to attend your first FREE class to [email protected] before you attend the class.

Regular Attendees – Subscription only

Students (16-25): £18.35 per month ongoing subscription. Subscriptions are renewed monthly automatically on day of sign up.

Full: £36.70 per month ongoing subscription. Subscriptions are renewed monthly automatically on day of sign up.

Under 16: £10.34 per month ongoing subscription. Subscriptions are renewed monthly automatically on day of sign up.

Concessions / Bursaries: £29.40* per month ongoing subscription. Subscriptions are renewed monthly automatically on day of sign up.* To quality for bursary / concessionary price you must first fill in the bursary form here. Once your form has been reviewed and accepted a discount coupon code will be sent to you.

Drop in:  £15

Subscription cancellation

  • New members can cancel within the first month of their subscription and a partial refund will be processed.
  • Ongoing members will be required to give two months notice to cancel their subscription.

You can manage or cancel your subscriptions on the ‘My Account’ page.

How to enrolL

On desktop Select ongoing subscription or one off class and then click ‘enroll on this course now’ button on the top right.

On mobile scroll down to the bottom of the page under the review section, select ongoing subscription or one off class and then click ‘enroll on this course now’

Free Parking is available at the Venue or on the road right in front of the venue. You are welcome to bring drinks with you.

For more information about Batukada Academy contact Eraldo on 07775754953 / [email protected] or Mikiba on 07802443434

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3 reviews for Batukada Academy

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    As an enthusiastic beginner i found my first session made my brain hurt and my arms Ache, but in a good way!
    Eraldo and luis are consumate PROFESSIONALS and performers yet had so much patience and such a calm delivery in a mixed ability GROUP THAT everyone felt included and positive about their own potential.
    In spite of my journey time ( nearly a 100 mile round trip!) i got home feeling exhilarated and eager for the next session.
    I cant RECOMMEND this group or its tutorS highly enough.

  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5




  3. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    I COULDN’T recommend this class highly enough, for all levels!

    I have been playing braSilian styles of peRcussion for Quite a while now and tHere are very few places like Batukada Academy where you can really continue your deVElopment and increase playing stamiA.

    EraLdo is a pro at developing talenT and Gets the best ouT of

    Go and have a go! You wont be disAppointed 🙂

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Starts On 31/05/2018
Duration Weekly
Level Open Level
Tickets Available 49906
Price From: £10.34 / month

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