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Creating Carnival Singapore

Meet the tutors

Creating Carnival Singapore 2017

We are pleased to announce our second Creating Carnival Singapore programme.
The Global Grooves team will be delivering a series of percussion, dance and song master-classes and workshop in collaboration with the numerous carnival collectives based in the City.
The programme will feature open workshops in partnership with Singapura Dub Club & Aliwal Arts Centre as well a programme of intensive closed masterclasses in partnership with Bloco Singapura 

Events Schedule:

1. Percussion, songs and Dances of the Orixas- SOLD OUT

  • WHEN? Sun 12th & Mon 13th February 2017
  • WHERE? Secret Location
  • LEVEL: Advanced

A two day intensive masterclass for advanced dancers and musicians wanting to increase and consolidate their understanding of Orixa music and dance traditions.

“Don’t be scared. It will challenge you positively and make you a better musician – whatever style you play.” – Percussion and Songs of the Orixas participant, Manchester

2. Carnival Rhythms – SOLD OUT

  • WHEN? Tues 14th February 2017
  • WHERE? Secret Location
  • LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced

This masterclass will explore how traditional ritual phrasing and styles have influenced carnival rhythms today and we will put together unique grooves and breaks using Brazilian carnival instruments.

3. Brazilian dance workshop with live percussion accompaniment

  • WHEN? Thursday 16th February 8pm-10pm
  • WHERE? Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore, (Multi purpose Studio 1A)
  • LEVEL: Open level, everyone welcome

Got the dance bug? Then this course is for you.

This class is for anyone who is curious about Brazilian dance and culture. Come along and enjoy dancing to live music, and have fun in a Brazilian way!  This class is perfect for beginners, improvers or more advanced dancers.

Afro- Brazilian dance fuses traditional rhythms and swing from all over Brazil. Participants will have an opportunity to explore dance styles such as Samba, Samba-Reggae, Maracatu, Frevo, Axe, Coco, Maxixe, Caboclinho, Dances of Orixas and other Brazilian dance fusion styles. We will explore how these elements have been used to influence more modern Brazilian dance styles in popular culture today such as Axé, Funk / Baile Funk.

‘I have definitely become more confident with dancing and performing in public’ – Dance participant, Creating Carnival 2016

4. Samba Reggae Dance & Percussion workshop

Journey of the Orixas

  • WHEN? Friday 17th February 8pm-10pm
  • WHERE? Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore, (Multi purpose Studio 1A & 1B)
  • LEVEL: Open level, everyone welcome

An incredible masterclass in Brazilian music and dance including expert tuition from two of Brazils very best drum and dance tutors and Global Grooves founder Leon Patel one of Manchester’s finest exponents of international percussion. The class will explore the world of Samba Reggae with a spectacular showcase performance inviting all participants  to perform at the After Party on the 18th Feb!  Percussionists will focus on the swing, feel and movements used in the Samba Reggae Blocos of Salvador, Bahia. Dancers will study choreographies and traditional movements used in the style.

“What can I say? Its Samba Reggae and I love it. If you want to learn from some amazing tutors then Global Grooves is the place to do it.” – Participant – Global Grooves Samba Reggae Masterclass 

5. Full day Brazilian Percussion and Dance Masterclass

  • WHEN? Saturday 18th February 1-3pm & 4-6pm
  • WHERE? Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore, (Multi purpose Studio 1A & 1B)
  • LEVEL: 1-3pm open Level samba dance & percussion workshop | 4-6pm intermediate / advance Afro Bloco Dance & Percussion workshop

All things samba! Samba dance & percussion workshop

18th Feb | 1pm – 3pm | Open level

In this short masterclass we will explore all things Samba. Eraldo Marques and Adriana Rosso will share their experience of life and the arts in the premiership Samba School ‘G.R.C.E.S Mocidade Alegre‘, Sao Paulo, Brazil. We will develop several samba grooves, breaks and choreographies covering the most popular styles and phrases in Brazil.

This is an open level course (suitable for all) with some instruments only suitable for intermediate and advanced players. Participants are invited to showcase their work and perform at the After Party that evening.

‘The whole experience was amazing value for money and more. From being taught by professionals in the industry that I love so much to just be able to perform with what feels like a huge family.’ – Participant, Creating Carnival 2016

Afro-Bloco Dance and Percussion Workshop

18th Feb | 4pm -6pm | Intermediate / Advanced

This is a short masterclass in Pan- Brazilian percussion and dance styles leaning towards the world of funk grooves and fat beats and breaks.  This course will lead to a final performance with all participants performing the new grooves and choreography at the After Party. We can’t wait to perform with you all.


In this dance class Adriana Rosso will take you on a journey of Brazilian dance styles fusing several different traditions in a melting pot of samba, funk, hip-hop, Reggae, folkloric and Contemporary Brazilian dance styles.


For percussionists Leon Patel & Eraldo De Sa Marques are scheming up some cheeky and flavoursome grooves and breaks for the Bateria that will require a serious respect for all things funky. The arrangements will draw upon influences from Brazilian Folkloric styles, West African percussion, Samba, Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass and Jungle.

‘The whole experience was the best thing I’ve ever done.  It was great to be a part of a new family which is what it felt like. I’ve never had any formal training in dance so on a personal level it was amazing to challenge myself and I felt like I rose to the challenge and its inspired [me] to get involved in more projects like this” – Participant, Creating Carnival 2016

6. Singapura Dub Club – Creating Carnival After Party!

  • WHEN? Saturday 18th February 9:30pm til late
  • WHERE? The Projector, Level 5 of Golden Mile Tower, Beach Road, Singapore
  • £FREE

Our after party will be a jam packed night showcasing the work of the master class participants and a time to celebrate Brazilian carnival dance and rhythms together.  It will be an opportunity to meet old friends and new and network with the percussion and dance community of Singapore.

Featuring special guest and live band ‘Reggae Remedy’ plus DJ’s. A bargain at $FREE

“What an amazing night! It was great to see all the hard work done by the [participants], being really appreciated by the crowds.” – Participant – Global Grooves Workshop Performance 2016


Fees & payment

Where possible we would prefer that you booked online.

However a limited number tickets will be available on the door.

  • 1 workshop $45/£25
  • 2 workshop $80/£45
  • 3 workshop $110/£62
  • After Party – $FREE!

Contact information

For further information about the above workshop programme please contact Firmann on +6582224633 or email : [email protected]

Partnership enquiries and additional workshop bookings with Global Grooves please contact us here


Limited instruments can be provided. We would prefer you to bring your own along where possible. Please see the instrumentation requirements below for each masterclass.

If you would like to attend the course but do not have access to your own instrument then please contact Firmann on +6582224633 or email : [email protected] to confirm your requirements.

Samba Reggae Dance & Percussion workshop – Fri 17th Feb 8pm – 10pm

Surdo n1, Surdo n2, Surdo n3, Caixa, Repinique, Timbau

Samba dance & percussion workshop – Sat 18th Feb 1pm – 3pm

Surdo n1, Surdo n2, Surdo n3, Caixa, Repinique, Tamborim, Shakers, Agogo

Afro-Bloco Dance and Percussion Workshop – Sat 18th Feb 4pm – 6pm

Surdo n1, Surdo n2, Surdo n3, Caixa, Repinique, Timbau, Tamborim (Congas in pairs or three’s for compitant players)

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  1. Leon Patel
    5 out of 5


    Global Grooves Continues to amaze me! – What a fab job!

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Starts On 12/02/2017
Duration 12th - 18th February
Level Open Level
Artform Percussion, Song & Dance
Tickets Available 37
Price £25.00£89.50

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