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Manchester Mega Mela – Desi Street Party (22 Jul)

Meet the tutors

Manchester Mega Mela is here!

Join Global Grooves on Sunday 22nd of July for our Desi Street Mela!

We will be hitting Platt Fields park with our amazing new creations to animate the Mela with carnival goodness. From roaming tigers, to Desi Carnival and stilt walking elephants – the event will be a spectacle to behold.

Global Grooves is calling carnival enthusiasts, drummers and dancers from our network to join our carnival community.

Here’s a taste of what we got up to last year.

We need you!

Some paid roles are available. Participants will need to be available from 4:30pm  to receive a full briefing and prepare for days events starting at 6pm. Full details will be sent to the chosen cast via email.

Date: 22nd July
Times: 4:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Platt Fields Park, Manchester M14 6LA

Global Grooves are looking for a team of enthusiastic volunteers (aged 18+) for the following roles:

  • Phoenix and Roller Bird Handlers

Join the heart of the Carnival by bringing life to one of our flighty new friends made by the talented Tony Mason. Embodying the spirit of the recent Global Grooves recovery project, the Phoenix will watch over the day’s proceedings bringing good luck to all who follow.


  • Pegasus horse entourage!

Enjoy wearing beautiful brand new creations and parading alongside our stunning new Pegasus horse made by the talented Mel Roberts.


  • Wing / Backpack wearers

To complete our Carnival troupe for this event, we are also looking for more wing wearers to show off our beautiful silk pieces.


There are also several paid roles available for this event

(please email [email protected] for clarification on individual fees):

  • Drummers & Brass/reed players for ‘Great Garden Carnival’

We are also looking for several experienced/advanced percussion players and melody players to wear costume and play groovy music for our creations to move to. Experience of parading/walking and the ability to improvise/hold a groove is essential.


  • Oxumaré Puppet performer & Solo percussion performer

Signifying the rebirth of some of Global Grooves’ greatest past work, our brand new Oxumaré puppet made by the imaginative Iola Weir gives a nod to our beautiful Constance, our previous Mossley Light Festival mascot. We are also looking for a professional drummer to accompany and bring to life our Oxumaré puppet.


  • Strolling act producer and artist liaison

As part of all of our productions and events excellent management and back support is the key to sucess. We are looking for experienced and committed events managers and producers that have an eye for detail and love of outdoor arts to join our events team.


Join the Global Grooves Bloco

Join the Global Grooves Bloco and workshop delivery team! GG is seeking a team of artists to form our brand new Carnival Bloco, kicking off with a hot season of festivals and events all over the UK this summer! Primarily we are looking for advanced/professional/full-time percussionists and brass/reed players. Dancers and puppeteers and producers will also be needed for some events. The initial rehearsal(s)/development admin is not paid, but we hope to work closely with a small team of artists to develop a regular paid performance group who can get out there on the street and show the world what GG is all about.


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Starts On 22/07/2018
Duration 1 day
Level Open Level

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