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Bridget Withycombe-Wharton

Dance Tutor

Bridget joined the Global Grooves team in 2016 as part of Creating Carnival. Having performed with Global Grooves previously, she was then given the opportunity to choreograph the dance for The Tempest. Using traditional dance from Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean Islands the story was retold in carnival form

Bridget’s constant love for dance has been lifelong and very driven by her passion for Latin American and African rhythms. This has led her to deliver within education, performing arts as well as the community with a constant desire to bring people together to represent such a strong and empowering art form. Her belief is that movement is a necessary form of communication for all and alongside music, dance is responsible for carrying as well as translating traditions, beliefs and stories across nations.

Promoting the use of movement to express and self heal is in her opinion, an opportunity to give the mind and body freedom and time enabling both to explore and express within a safe environment.

Bridget is Manchester based but often travels  with work, delivering dance fitness within the community. This includes ‘Well Being’ sessions. She also delivers within schools and the educational system, often as part of students ‘enrichment’ days. Travelling to festivals during the summer allows her to facilitating workshops and within term time she runs an after school activity ‘Easy Movers’, giving younger children an option to explore movement and its benefits whilst developing their confidence.