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Gordon Banks

Freelance Visual Artist

Gordon has been regularly working with us for many years as a visual artist, workshop facilitator and sculptor. He brings a wealth of experience particularly surrounding our local community as a part time and voluntary Director of Mossley Community Arts LTD for 25 years.

Gordon likes to work in 3D which gets him involved in all manner of projects in schools, community organisations and carnival. He paints Murals, builds Giants, Dragons and Lions, Witches, Butterflies and even Orixa Gods.

He has made headdresses, masks, props, Street Theatre shows as Greenbanks Productions: Silent Movie,The Pigeon Fanciers, Airship Castaways and the new one…’Orris…

When Gordon is not in our studio, he also works as an Artist in Residence at a school in Rochdale, where he design arts projects with the school covering specific curriculum requirements.