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Helen Curtis

Percussion Tutor

Helen lives in the UK and works as a professional musician, group leader, piano teacher and workshop facilitator. Her main instruments are piano, percussion and voice. Helen joined the Global Grooves team in 2016, when she wrote and directed the music for that years Creating Carnival – The Tempest


Helen’s musical background is originally in classical piano, she began to explore other musical genres after completing her music degree in 2000. Since then her specialist areas have taken her to Cuba, Brazil, Georgia and Switzerland.  


Helen is the co-founder and director of Yorkshire based Afro-Samba band Orixá Bloco, established in 2017. Alongside Brazilian music, Helen (who is half Swiss) performs as Sätteli – a Swiss vocal duo, together with her sister Louise. Her other passions are Georgian polyphonic song- she leads Zarebi Georgian folk choir, and she plays Cuban piano in the band Charanga Del Norte. 


Helen believes in music as a fine craft and has respect for all musical traditions, she believes that through music you can discover and better yourself, those around you, and ultimately send waves of positivity and belonging through community, as well as creating community.