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Visual Arts Workshops For Schools

Junk Jam

Junk Jam is Global Grooves award winning project using recycled materials to create an arts spectacular that doesn’t cost the earth. Your pupils will transform ‘junk’ such as cans, plastic bottles and plastic bags into amazing costumes and instruments. Junk Jam teaches the traditional values and ethos of Carnival such as working together, community and sharing, with ideas of sustainability and up-cycling. This is a great chance to develop pupils’ creativity and encourage them to see and do things differently.

Screen Printing

Screen-printing is a relatively modern printing technique used with textiles and paper in industry and as an art form in its own right. We can provide the facilities for your pupils to experiment with the joy of printing and create their own patterned textiles or posters. It’s a hands-on workshop that will leave them inspired by colours, patterns and collaborative working.


This workshop will take your pupils though the history of Batik from its origins in Java to its modern popularity across the world. This method of applying wax and dye to fabric gives your pupils a chance to create their own beautiful designs and keep ancient traditions alive. Batik is heavily used within Carnival arts for its simplistic beauty and quick application, which gives everyone something to take home and show off!


Wow your pupils with jaw-dropping giants and stunning puppets! This workshop can take the form of a series or a single day and we’ll tailor it to fit around your needs. If you’d like something more elaborate, we can send in a team to work with pupils over a longer period of time. This ensures everyone gets a go and they produce something together that really captures the imagination. We can also consolidate this into one day if you’re under a time constraint.

Carnival Kings and Queens

Carnival takes inspiration from all over the world and this immersive workshop allows your pupils to see the multitude of influences they can explore. It’s about working together to create a key piece – a Carnival King and/or Queen they’re truly proud of! Carnival is all about process and this is one they’ll not forget a they move from design to fabrication using specialist techniques. This workshop can also be combined with music and dance to give your pupils the full Carnival experience in a safe environment.


These workshops are perfect for younger participants, or where shorter workshop times are required. We can work with every child in a class to each make either a headdress or mask they’ll love to wear. We’ve got a range of styles and patterns to suit every budget and age range so everyone can get involved and let their imagination and creativity take over! Just add creativity and feathers!

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