Funk It Up 2

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  • 7 - 8 September 2019
  • 7th: 9:30am – 5pm | 8th: 12pm – 5pm
  • Contributions welcome

7th September: Z-arts, Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5ZA | 8th September: FLOCK PARADE performance at Festival of The Sky, Cleethorpes

We call our Carnival community to join our FLOCK and spread the love as part of an incredible parade at Festival of the Sky.

Since its first outing in 2010, we have been waiting to return to FUNK IT UP and pull together some fat beats, punching melodies and cool choreographies paying homage to all things funky.

Now is the time to come together and share our vibes.

Over a one day condensed masterclass, we will bring together a new Carnival band of Horns, Percussion and Dance performing new Funk, Disco, Samba, Love Grooves.

In full costume, we will produce a spectacular performance, sharing our groove with thousands of audiences at Festival of The Sky creating the FLOCK parade.

What do we need?


Thoughtfully arranged by Joe Harrison-Greaves, our horns will lay down irresistible grooves and lines inspired by some of the best dance floor fillers and classic funk and disco tunes ever made.


Adriana Rosso Dance will take you on a journey of Brazilian dance styles fusing several different traditions in a melting pot of samba, funk, disco, hip-hop, reggae, folkloric and contemporary dance styles.



For percussionists, Leon Patel and the GG team are scheming up some cheeky and flavoursome beats and breaks for the Bateria that will require a serious respect for all things fun-kaaaayy.

We invite you to make a contribution to our FLOCK helping cover the overhead costs of this event. Give whatever you can afford by choosing your donation before you click ‘enrol’.

All are welcome and encouraged to join FUNK IT UP. We just ask that you leave the stresses and strains of life at the door and prepare to drum, dance and play your socks off with us.

Participants will be responsible for their own travel to and from events (we cannot provide travel expenses for participants for this event). We will do our best to help arrange car shares to reduce our carbon footprint and make access as easy as possible for everyone.

Limited places are available. For group bookings contact [email protected]

To sign up on desktop, scroll to the top right of the page, enter your contribution into the contribution box and click enrol, follow the on-screen instructions, complete your details and we will be in touch soon.

To sign up on a mobile, scroll to the bottom of the page below the reviews, enter your contribution into the contribution box and click enrol, follow the on screen instructions, complete your details and we will be in touch soon.

Further Information

About Festival of the Sky

It all begins with a glance to the skies…

“An inventive new arts event in Cleethorpes” – The Guardian

Taking place on the 6th-8th of September, the brand new Festival of the Sky presents a unique celebration of arts and culture in the heart of Cleethorpes.

Themed around discovery, sky and the environment, the festival will present a diverse and exciting programme of events, including bespoke installations, unforgettable performances and much more – stretching across the seafront, promenade and into the town.

From enchanting fire gardens through to astronauts in flight, infectious live percussion and a myriad of activities and workshops – you can expect something for everyone in our diverse programme of art and culture.

The festival is Supported by the Coastal Communities Fund and Arts Council England. It is organised in partnership by festival specialists From the Fields Ltd with North East Lincolnshire Council and Coast NEL – a local business lead partnership that strives to make a positive difference to the coastal community through arts, culture, heritage and voluntary groups.

About the Team

Global Grooves

Since 2003, Global Grooves has brought inspirational Carnival practice from around the world into communities across the world. We are passionate about embracing authentic, diverse art forms with integrity and respect, and to developing a distinctive UK Carnival aesthetic.

Our mission: to unite and inspire individuals and communities through opportunities to experience and create inspirational art.

Adriana Rosso – São Paulo, Brazil

Adriana is an exceptional performer and choreographer with with over 20 years experience in choreography, dance performance, training and teaching worldwide. Adriana lives and breathes the sheer joy and uplifting power of dance. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she has studied with and worked as lead dancer and teacher for Meninos do Morumbi and performed with different samba Schools in São Paulo during Carnival. Now based in Manchester, UK, she works for organisations,  like Global Grooves, developing the music and dance scene in the North West and beyond. She has vast experience in working on large community projects and Carnivals including choreographies for all levels and ages. A truly international artist, Adriana regularly teaches and performs all over the world, her most recent research and teaching trips include: Nigeria, The Gambia, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Adriana’s talent, passion and energy for dance and movement is infectious and believes “It’s all about letting the rhythms move you and celebrating life in a Brazilian way!”     Adriana has played a key role in dance development at Global Grooves and we are excited to collaborate with her once again for this inspiring weekend.

Leon Patel – Manchester, UK

Leon is an experienced workshop leader and performer in many styles of international percussion including Brazilian, West African, South Asian and contemporary percussion. Leon specialises in percussive Carnival styles studying extensively in the UK, Brazil, India and Africa and has over 20 years experience in facilitating workshops, masterclasses and production. Leon is also the CEO of Global Grooves dedicating his life and skills to the development of international music, dance and Carnival. He is delighted to be able to share his passion for percussion on this course after being locked in the office for a few years.

Joe Harrison-Greaves – Manchester UK

Joe Harrison-Greaves is a musician, facilitator, project manager and consultant whose work focuses on social change through creativity and education. As a musician over the last 13 years Joe has played, primarily on bass guitar and acoustic guitar, with bands and artists from across the world. Joe’s work in education began over ten years ago as a professional musician working in a wide variety of community and education settings. Joe’s work with the Slow Education movement was cited by internationally acclaimed creative education adviser and campaigner Sir Ken Robinson in his book Creative Schools (2015). In 2009 he arranged horn lines for Global Grooves’ flagship and now famous carnival project ‘Afoxé’.

As well as a non executive director for Global Grooves, Joe has been working closely with the team to develop the melody arrangements for FUNK IT UP

FUNK IT UP and FLOCK PARADE are produced by Global Grooves in collaboration with Cabasa Carnival Arts, and From The Fields.

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