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We’re committed to delivering and inspiring Carnival activity nationwide. Our mission: to unite and empower individuals and communities through opportunities to experience and create inspirational art: in particular diverse music, dance, visual arts, and Carnival.
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Our projects provide opportunities to engage in high quality arts, and aim to reach and inspire everyone.


Inspiring workshops and training celebrating the arts, culture and Carnival for organisations, schools and communities.


Incredible training, courses and masterclasses in music, dance, visual arts and Carnival from around the globe.


Breathtaking, crowd-stopping Carnival events and performances that connect with your audiences like no other.


We are specialists in helping organisations and local councils to connect with their communities in a meaningful way through the arts.

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Global Grooves are passionate about providing a platform for the next generation of talented young artists and community leaders to shine. Our diverse programme of work with young people includes residential Carnival arts training, distance mentoring, work experience placements, school workshops, hands-on performance opportunities, one-to-one tuition, and more.


Global Grooves support artists at every career-stage, providing opportunities to develop skills, ambition, and depth in their practice. Our shorts courses and master classes provide training for hundreds of students each year, whilst emerging and experienced artists also have access to international research and development trips, practice-sharing forums, national networks, and employment.


Our Tameside-based workspace at The Vale offers access to a fully equipped Carnival fabrication studio space, as well as volunteering and trainee opportunities to nurture skills and encourage participants to explore their future prospects. Our desire to strengthen the UK Carnival sector has brought people together in both Northwest-focused projects and national training initiatives.


A driving ambition for our organisation is to increase the capacity of arts organisations in both Carnival and non-Carnival sectors to collaborate through authentic - and more diverse - cultural arts. We are stronger together, and the Global Grooves door is always open to our fellow arts organisations to partner with us to share work, ideas, and energy to make great things happen!


Since the very beginning, our ambitious public performances have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved by dreaming big and exploring innovative ways to fund and deliver an exciting artistic vision. Our productions are shaped by global Carnival influences, and offer something for everyone from community parades to corporate events.


Afro-Brazilian dance with live percussion

Weekly Adriana Rosso Open Level

Afro- Brazilian dance brings together the rhythms and swing of Afro-Brazilian percussion with the grace and energy of traditional Brazilian dance such as Samba, Samba-Reggae, Maracatu, Frevo, coco, Maxixe, Caboclinho, Dance of orixas and other styles routed in Africa. This class is for anyone who are curious about Brazilian culture and wants to widen their […]

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Batukada Academy

Weekly Eraldo Marques Open Level
Batukada Academy – Global Grooves
Love drumming? Love Samba? You’ll love Batukada Academy ! Led by internationally renowned

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Help bring us back from the ashes

Help bring us back from the ashes

Learn about our story Global Grooves needs your help! On the 18th March over five years of creative work produced by Global Grooves was burnt to a crisp. We are now reaching out to our global community to ask for support in raising funds to help replace these items. Every penny will help and be [...]
Adventures in The Gambia!

Adventures in The Gambia!

On 28th January 2018, 39 Artists from Manchester arrive in The Gambia for an experience and journey no one could expect.. We’re greeted with anticipation, excitement and The Gambian national press! After a quick interview with Leon, Holly and emerging producer, Freya Bennett-Neilson, the team piles into 3 crowded Gelly Gelly’s for the hour-long journey […]

Creating Carnival Illuminated!

Creating Carnival Illuminated!

We are excited to announce the next series of Creating Carnival opportunities! Following the huge success of our 2017 ‘Desi Carnival’ we are going to do it all again but this time, ILLUMINATED! We have LOTS and LOTS going on leading up to this winter’s carnival season. From drumming and dance masterclasses and performances, to […]

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