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Dance Workshops For Schools

Our team of dancers are highly trained specialists in world dance styles. We offer exciting and structured dance workshops in schools that will get even the most reserved pupils on their feet.

From dance packages designed specially to get boys dancing, to fun and high energy workshops to link with our carnival packages. Whatever styles of dance you would like to explore we have a workshop for you.

Carnival Arts Music & Dance Workshop
African Dance Workshops

This dynamic, fun workshop really gets the blood flowing and the smiles beaming. Following an experienced specialist tutor, the students will be led through a series of warm ups and choreographies leading to a full group piece. Suitable for all ages, this workshop incorporates storytelling through movement, making reference to the influences of African culture within dance. In combination with a percussion workshop booking, the young dancers will come alive with the experience of performing to live drummers.

Brazilian Dance Workshops

The energy created in the Afro-Brazilian dance workshops is second to none! Drawing on influence from a multitude of cultural styles found within the tradition-rich country of Brazil, our tutors give students an unforgettable insight into the history and social setting of the dances they are learning about. The Brazilian dance workshop format allows flexibility to work within a variety of tempos, making the session accessible and enjoyable for small children right up to college aged dance students.

Cuban Dance Workshops

Drawing influence from the rich Orisha tradition found in Cuba, this workshop contains an element of theatre in embodying the movements and physical traits of the different deities. Our expert tutors guide the group through solo work and full group choreography, allowing every individual character in the group to shine. The workshop can also feature more popular modern styles such as salsa, or even a fusion of different dance styles coming from the country.

Indian Dance Workshops

Energy energy energy! This high-impact class will certainly get the students working hard, and feeling a real sense of accomplishment having had so much fun through physical exercise! Our tutor team really embody the playful nature of South-Asian dance, regularly performing at high-profile national events. In this workshop, students learn how to tell stories through subtle movements using the hands and feet, and gain a greater musical appreciation and understanding of Indian percussion music, learning how to move to the distinctive grooves of the dhol drums.

Carnival Dance Workshops

Featuring Carnival dance influences from around the globe, this workshop experience will excite and energise your students as they take on the vibes of Brazil and beyond. Our dance tutors come from a range of diverse international backgrounds, and bring an authentic energy and depth of knowledge to their teaching. The workshops invite students to try new things, work together to learn new choreography, and even experiment with being young leaders themselves.

Street Dance, Jazz & Tap Workshops

The Global Grooves team pride themselves on sharing the most diverse styles of Carnival dance from around the world, remembering that many of these older forms have found themselves incorporated into more modern styles of dance. Our tutors team comprises professionals from a diverse field of study, including street, jazz, and tap. Some of our past workshops in schools have allowed students of modern dance to explore more traditional forms, encouraging them to add new movement to their repertoire and create original work.

Capoeira & Break Dance Workshops

Capoeira is a beautiful, acrobatic art form that originates from the African slaves in Brazil in the 16th Century. Slaves used it as a form of self-defence, affirming strength and building esteem. Capoeira is an accessible, dance-like movement performed to energising percussive music.

Zumba & Fitness Classes

In the age of technology, it has never been more important to encourage a healthier lifestyle amongst our young people. Several dance tutors working within our team are also qualified Zumba instructors, partly to allow them to spread their love of Carnival dance and music as far and wide as possible to offer a quality experience. These sessions make an excellent compliment to PE programming, and can include a CPD aspect for staff wishing to offer similar ongoing activity in school.

Carnival Arts Dance School Hall

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